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Heinemann Business Studies: HSC Course

Chapter 1: Business Management and Change
This is a useful website containing many studies and links about change within the business environment and how change may affect management strategies. Open one of the articles and explore how business management has responded to change.
Textbook page/s: 3
Open the Business Review Weekly website and browse the menu for articles on businesses (firms). Read an article about a firm making a major decision for the future. Describe the strategic thinking behind this idea. Do this in the form of a diagram and then show the expected or likely outcomes of this strategic decision by the firm's management.
Textbook page/s: 6
Open the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) website, browse the menu and open the guidelines on unconscionable conduct. After reading the guidelines, answer the following question: When management tries to reconcile conflicts of interest among stakeholders, which group of stakeholders gets looked after first, second and third? Discuss your answer in a group of three and compare the responses. Now write a statement that applies the guidelines above to the treatment of shareholders.
Textbook page/s: 9
American Sociological Association
Textbook page/s: 11
The Great Idea Finder
Textbook page/s: 11
Transcript of the Fundamentals of Scientific Management.
Textbook page/s: 11
This Australian government website assists with planning, starting and running a business
Textbook page/s: 16
Browse the BRW website. One of the most contentious issues in CEO and executive remuneration is the ratio between executive pay and award wages. Examine trends related to business performance and leadership style, not just power.
Textbook page/s: 18
Read about McGregor's and Mayo's theories and read about them. Explain why these two theories have been important in studying business management. Do you agree with Theory X and Theory Y and Mayo's idea of a sense of belonging? Would they motivate you in business?
Textbook page/s: 20
Henry Ford
Textbook page/s: 25
Open the Henry Ford website above and 'Ford Motor Company today'. Compare and contrast older and modern management structures. In what ways is modern management more responsive to change?
Textbook page/s: 25
Open the website and identify the management structures and operations.
Textbook page/s: 29
Open the NRMA Annual Report and browse the report on management initiatives.
Textbook page/s: 30
The W. Edward Deming Institute. Write twelve lines on how Deming's teachings form the basis of TQM.
Textbook page/s: 32
Open the 3M website and identify new and innovative products they have put into the market.
Textbook page/s: 48
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad

Open these two websites and browse for other anti-transnational sites and examine their comments on the business, labour and ethical practices of three transnationals. Find a transnational's site and examine their responses to criticism of their business management.
Textbook page/s: 55

Chapter 2: Financial Planning and Management
Open the company reports of two public companies. 1. Identify the finance managers of the companies and their functions. 2. Identify the financial objectives of each company, as set out in the annual report.
Textbook page/s: 70, 107
Assess the financial plans and determine the results McDonald's would be seeking through their operations.
Textbook page/s: 72
Australian Financial Markets Association
Textbook page/s: 75
AFR Trading Room
Textbook page/s: 75
Textbook page/s: 75
Textbook page/s: 75
Australian Securities Exchange
Textbook page/s: 75
TD Waterhouse
Textbook page/s: 75
Westpac. The websites above (as being from page 75 of the textbook) provide the banking and finance institutions from the Internet Directory of the Australian Financial Review. In groups of three, divide up the sites and open them. After browsing the sites, identify the type of financial intermediary each institution represents.
Textbook page/s: 75
Yellow Pages Business Ideas Grants
Textbook page/s: 86
Rewarding Success
Textbook page/s: 86
Open the website and browse the financial statement of Howard Smith. From the balance sheet, work out owner's equity and current lending.
Textbook page/s: 88
Browse this website. Briefly describe what information is available about Amcor.
Textbook page/s: 94

Chapter 3: Marketing
This is a site with many linked areas online about how to market over the Internet. Open one of the articles and summarise how the Internet can be used to market a product or service.
Textbook page/s: 131
The Roy Morgan Research company specialises in conducting polls and studying Australian consumption patterns.
Textbook page/s: 143, 164
Browse the Virgin Mobile website.
Textbook page/s: 146
One of the most important recent developments that is influencing order-getting and order-filling costs is the Internet. How does the Internet influence these costs?
Textbook page/s: 149
Most search engines like Looksmart use an advertising model to operate. They offer advertising space in their Web page to obtain revenue. They target advertising so that if a consumer goes to a search engine such as Looksmart to search for cars for sale, advertisements for Holden or Ford might appear as banner advertisement on the search result page.
Textbook page/s: 153
Cookie Central provides a detailed understanding of cookies. It explains what they are, how they work and the ways that people are using them (both good and bad).
Textbook page/s: 156
This website shows the values and lifestyles psychographic segmentation technique. It is used to monitor lifestyle trends and interpret changes with consumer environment. Browse the site and identify how the survey works. Take part in a survey and judge its accuracy.
Textbook page/s: 160
This website provides market segmentation tools. Browse the Claritas website and identify some of the ways that Claritas can identify market segments.
Textbook page/s: 164
Browse the environmental choice website. This organisation verifies green marketing claims and endorses products as meeting environmental standards. What standards have to be met to use logos like 'environmentally responsible'?
Textbook page/s: 174
Browse the Advertising Standards Bureau website and download the Australian Advertising Code of Ethics. Read it carefully and try to understand the reasons behind the first fifteen sections of the code.
Textbook page/s: 176
The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).
Textbook page/s: 194, 205, 245
The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Compare this website to the previous one, and their views about labour relations by opening their media release sections.
Textbook page/s: 194
Australian Industrial Relations Commission.
Textbook page/s: 205
Textbook page/s: 205
Australian Safety and Compensation Council.
Textbook page/s: 205
NSW Department of Industrial Relations.
Textbook page/s: 225
Worksafe Western Australia.
Textbook page/s: 239
Patrick Stevedores.
Textbook page/s: 245

Chapter 5: Global Business
Austrade is the Federal Government's premier global business website.
Textbook page/s: 251, 262, 271
Boeing is an excellent example of a global corporation. Using the site, identify the products made by Boeing and explore why they would be sold to customers all around the world.
Textbook page/s: 255
Open the website, and search for the hyperlinked examples of the globalisation processes.
Textbook page/s: 259
This is the Department of Foreign Affairs country fact sheets, which are produced to help businesses in their dealings with Vietnam. Read especially the section in the brief on Australian – Vietnamese commercial relations to identify why many Australian businesses are locating in Vietnam.
Textbook page/s: 266
Browse the website and explore the 'About APEC' menu and identify APEC's role and purpose.
Textbook page/s: 274
Open the EFIC website and browse the menu to identify case studies.
Textbook page/s: 283

Chapter 6: Achieving HSC standards in Business Studies
Print your own copy of the specimen paper and the outcomes grid, which matches outcomes to questions.
Textbook page/s: 305, 307
HSC Online provides HSC advice resources. You can open the website and make a list of the help the website can give you in preparing for the HSC in Business Studies.
Textbook page/s: 309