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Why Geography?

Being a geographer is about a state of mind—an attitude.

Geographers are trained to 'look over the horizon', or below the surface, to see the bigger and dynamic picture of what is going on. True, in time, their work focus may lead them to become specialists. However, even when they begin their careers, geographers have distinctive interests. The overwhelming characteristic of the geographers in these stories is of people whose skills are diverse, adaptable and flexible.

Geographic training complements these skills to produce people who demonstrate a holistic way of thinking; they operate in the tangible present, dealing with issues of the day and of the future.

Some people like to 'study' geography, to be aware of its theory and even to research creatively. Others prefer to 'feel' it; and we have reflected this by including several people whose geographic work is more practical, less theoretically based.

There may be a focus on the physical, natural, environmental or human world acting as the driver in this work. However, the integration of all of these considerations into workable solutions is a common theme. Above all, it is the use of data analysis and awareness of the interrelated behaviour of systems that gives impetus and conviction to their conclusions.

If you are into Geography, there is something here for you. Enjoy the view!

Gerard Torpy, August 2000