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The Leading Edge: Immigrant Chronicle for HSC English

The author and his context

Immigration Bridge Australia
The website of the Immigration Bridge project.
Textbook page/s: 13

Further references

Peter Skrzynecki
Peter Skrzynecki's website.
Textbook page/s: 23
NSW State Library
NSW State Library resources on Peter Skrzynecki.
Textbook page/s: 23
Australian Literature Resources
Australian Literature biography of Peter Skrzynecki.
Textbook page/s: 23
Armidale Folk Museum
The Armidale Folk Museum.
Textbook page/s: 23
Recollections Journal of the National Museum of Australia
Origins of Australia's Folk Museums
Textbook page/s: 23
Migration Heritage Centre
Belongings – Post-World War II migration and journeys.
Textbook page/s: 23
UN declaration on human rights
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.
Textbook page/s: 23
Belonging &ndash A century celebrated. Who shaped Australia?
Textbook page/s: 23
Belonging &ndash the film.
Textbook page/s: 23
An Interview with Jeannie Baker on the theme &ndash belonging.
Textbook page/s: 23
SBS TV series Who Do You Think You Are?
Textbook page/s: 23
BBC series Who Do You Think You Are?
Textbook page/s: 23

Preparing for exams

Syllabuses, support documents and specimen HSC exams
A link to the BOS Stage 6 English Syllabus and the BOS English Prescriptions 2009-2012 booklet. Follow the links to the syllabus introductions and support materials.
Textbook page/s: 85
Past HSC examination paper and Notes from the Marking Centre
A link to the BOS notes from the Marking Centre. Follow the links to past HSC examination papers and Notes from the Marking Centre.
Textbook page/s: 86